As we approach the release of the new Storj V3 platform, we will be performing some tests on the current network related to farmer reputation.

The purpose of these tests is to verify and validate enhanced network metrics and the reputations of long-term, highly available and reliable farmers. The data gathered throughout the process will be used as part of the evaluation criteria for granting early V3 network access to our current farmer base. During the course of this test, we will only upload first-shard data to locations with a maximum of 5 nodes per IP address. In case you are running more nodes, we advise you to shut down the excess ones to achieve higher per-node-usage and efficiency. We will also be conducting audits and periodic downloads in conjunction with our storage upload testing.

As we begin the transition from the current network to our new V3 network, we aim to prioritize farmers with a proven track record of availability, reliability and consistently high reputation.

We’ll be sending out more communications on the V3 network as we approach public alpha in the coming months.

In the meantime, here are a few things to get you up to speed about what we’re building:

Thank you for your continued support of the network!

– John Gleeson, VP of Operations

我々は新しいStorj V3プラットフォームのリリースに近づくにつれて、農家の評判に関する現在のネットワーク上でいくつかのテストを実施する予定です。





  • 当社のエンジニアリングディレクター、JT OlioのV3ネットワークの概要をご覧ください
  • V3の待機リストに登録して、リリースサイクルを最新に保つことができます
  • 私たちのGitHubリポジトリを注意深く見て、現在のマスターブランチのすべてのアップデートを見てください
  • ネットワークへのご支援をいただき、ありがとうございます。

    – John Gleeson、オペレーション担当VP